Friday, September 5, 2014


I like remembering. I like looking back and seeing where I have been. I have little note cards I fill out with a sentence or two about what I did each day.  I can see what I was doing on this day last year. Seeing those cards gives me hope to know that wherever I find myself God will see me through it because he has before. And I reminds me to be thankful for good times as I remember those dark seasons.

Today, is one of those days of remembering and being reminded.
Remembering the season of life I found myself in a year ago, as I struggled to see and hear God in the “dark night of the soul”. Remembering the news of my cousin’s death on this day last year. Remembering who he was. Remembering the heartache and tears that came. Remembering the questions without answers.

But I am reminded of the work God did in my heart during this time. I am reminded that even though we are all broken and hurting, my hope is in Christ. And I am reminded that I have the greatest family.

There will still be tears today. But there is also hope and joy. So much has happened since this day a year ago.  Prayers have been answered. And God is still good.