Tuesday, April 7, 2015

one month.

March 7th, 2015, is a culmination of so many hopes, dreams and prayers. I stood next to my almost husband under the giant oak tree as we committed the rest of our lives together.  We celebrated with those we love on the lawn where I spent my summers growing up. The whole day was covered in His fingerprints. From the perfect weather when rain and freezing temperatures were a concern, to the geese who thought they needed to make an appearance make a graceful landing as soon as Amen was said, to the 30 years both my and Chet’s parents prayed for this very day.

We went back to Porterville for Easter to pick up the last of the wedding stuff. It was a beautiful spring day. We looked out at that giant oak tree we stood under one month ago. The difference is noticeable from 4 short weeks ago. The tree is green and full. Spring has arrived and the leaves have made their appearance.

I’ve always loved that tree. Now it holds a special place in my heart. When I look at that tree I see the seasons of life we all go through. And as I’ve been told many times lately, my marriage will encounter those seasons as well. But that’s ok. I think that is how we were created. You can’t get to the fresh green leaves without them falling first. There is still beauty in the bare scraggly branches. They are just getting ready for spring. And spring always comes.
I am so grateful to walk through life with Chet. We are soaking up all that this season brings!
Photo Credit: LaurenWestraPhotography